Writer's Life

Once Upon A Time, I began to write . . .

We all have to start somewhere, right?


Wouldn’t it be great if we could all wake up one morning writing either like Jane Austen or Charles Dickenson? (Two of my most favourite – though highly overrated – authors of all time, by the way!)

​  Well, if by chance that happened, none of us would have a story to tell. We needn’t worry about getting published, or if whether we’re any good at what we do. And although writing is a passion, we were all obliged to start somewhere, right?

  So, this is my story:

(Oh, and no, I am not currently published yet. YIKES!)

​  My first completed novel was a dystopian Sci Fi – which can currently be found for free on Wattpad under the name, A Renegades Tale: The Keep. Back then I was so psyched for finishing it, that I immediately began querying after just one draft.
​  Nearly eighty rejections rolled in, leaving me absolutely gutted. One after the other composed of an empty rejection, written cold and offside. Here and there I luckily received a ‘the story holds potential’ and ‘maybe in a few years?‘.  Either way, I was down in the dumps. (Yea, you know that feeling!)

Was I not good enough? Maybe. Back then.

​  After nearly a month of sitting back, feeling sorry for myself, I scraped together said book and gave it a read.
​  Suddenly all the criticism made sense, and for the very first time I realized what a pile of rubbish I had written. You know, ​that wretched first draft . . . Anyway, so taking a break, I tossed it.
Simple. As. That. (Do not worry, as I am busy posting it on Wattpad, I am indeed editing along the way!)
​  So I spent the next the six months reading, writing an researching all  could. I constructed a brand new world with forests, animals, tribes, monarchy and outlandish traditions.
Let me tell you, after the first draft was finished, I loved it! After nearly five more drafts, I am finally where I am today.

​  Submission time!

​  Already I have received another dozen rejections, but still I feel strongly about this project. I will not give up (although I might run out of agents at one point!). And neither should you.
No, I’m not kidding. We will get through this together!
​  Despite common belief, we writers are tougher than we look. We care for our projects like our very own children, and will not give up until finally it gets the recognition it so truly deserves!

​   Mmmm . . . that feeling when an email from an agent rolls in.



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