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‘I want to become a writer.’

Six simple words. Any parent’s worst nightmare . . .




These are the exact same words I used with my parents when first breaking the magnificent (according to me) news to them. Admitting it was enlightening, yes, but only for me.
My parents however, weren’t delighted in the least!

In my house we were always taught to follow either the path of a doctor, lawyer or accountant . . . you know, good ​and stable jobs. Taking over the family accounting firm and such. And even though I always felt the need to please my parents, I also was never happy in doing so.
I constantly walked with this gnawing sting on my stomach, feeling like being forced into a cult of wrongdoing or something. Yea, you might know this feeling. If indeed you do, you are not alone!
​  Upon finally telling my parents my decision – rather studying an degree in English Literature and Creative writing rather than becoming a Dietitian – they looked at me as if I was bonkers. Straight from the whacky house. Right off the bat they told me NO, and I was absolutely crushed . . .

​  Sound familiar?

​  So after a long awaited while – them seeing I wasn’t at all kidding – my mother at last came around. I thought it only a matter of time before my father did as well, only it never really happened. And honestly, although saying so, I don’t think he has to this very day.

One little fact about me: In my house, I have always been known as ‘the girl with nosy bat ears’. Why? Well, I literally ALWAYS eavesdrop on EVERYONE. Trust me, in my home, no one is safe!
​  Anyhow, I cannot even tell you how many times I have heard him tell my mother I made a mistake, and that next year I will come running home with just such proclamation. And no matter how many times I tell them writing is my utter most passion, they simply refuse to listen. It has even gotten to such a point where I have completely stopped listening.
​  It hurts my soul to know that my parents haven’t yet accepted my choices in life, and although they seem to want tot support me, with their hearts not in it, I’d rather have them not.

​  So, if there are any of you feeling what I’m feeling right now . . . or even some of you who know what it’s like (even a little), please feel free to share your story, as well as how you managed to move past it.

​  Our parents brought us into this world, and trust me, it is truly heart breaking if they’re not your biggest and fiercest supporters . . .


3 thoughts on “‘I want to become a writer.’”

  1. My parents said, ‘That’s great but … (there’s always a but) you can’t make a living from that. Maybe you could become a journalist.’
    But (see, always a but) I don’t want to be a journalist, I want to be a novelist.
    They told me all about how hard it would be to get published, how small the chances were of becoming successful. I wish I had listened to them. I wish I had accepted that how hard it would be but go for it anyway. And find something to do in meantime that would allow me to write. Then I wouldn’t have spent fifteen years feeling like something was missing when I wasn’t writing.


    1. Oh, I know about the ‘but’ alright! I am so happy to hear someone else agrees with me in terms of the difference between wanting to be a writer and wanting to be a journalist. I also hope you’ve begun writing again, Eva! I am sure that if you put your mind (and heart) into it, you’ll reap the fruit of success!

      We writers must stick together!

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