Mr. Doubt getting you down?

Five things to remember when writing just doesn’t want to come:


​​  Any successful person can most likely tell you, one of the many causes of failure is self-doubt. Although small and often deemed invisible, it eventually creeps up on you when you expect it the very least. It gruels your thoughts and tortures your writerly soul.
If indeed you know what I’m talking about, do not worry anymore!
​  Everyone  – even people who aren’t writers – have experienced this sticky nuisance at one time or another, am I right? Honestly, no matter what you do, whenever needing to preform, self-doubt lawfully creeps in . . .

So for all you writers out there: DOUBTING YOUR OWN WRITING HAPPENS TO EVERYONE!
And on that capital-letter note, here are five things to remember the next time you doubt if whether your writing is any good:

1. Everyone Gets It

Like I said before, it is an unavoidable thing. The human mind has this incredible ability to overthink, which, quite evidently, is what writers are amazing at doing! Out of pure human nature we strive to grow, and long to eventually better ourselves.

Thus, your mind tends to trick you in thinking you aren’t good enough. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do to hoist yourself out of this slump, is bettering in whatever you want to do. Do not fall prey to this cruel effect on your mind. I bet even legendary writers such as Charles Dickenson and Jane Austen have had their share of tossed away manuscripts!

2. ​Locate your problem

Whenever someone isn’t good at something, they strive to become better, correct? Try and try again. The very best way to do this, is locating your problem area.

‘What was it that made you doubt yourself in the first place?’

Whether it’s your grammar, general sentence structure  – or WHATEVER! – find it. Ask yourself why you think it doesn’t fit, and then fix it! The job of a writer is never done, believe me . . .

3. ​Edit, Edit, Edit

After having located your problem, the only possible option is returning to the computer screen. (Or typewriter, if you’re into that sort of thing.) Editing is the backbone of the novel. Whenever you’re doubting yourself, it might mean you haven’t sat down and really checked out your work.

Perhaps if you sat back, and read the book like you’ve never read it before, things might finally come to you. Through the eye of the reader thow shalt find thy answers! (Apologies, but I simply had to.)
Just remember, it is absolutely normal to get frustrated sometimes. We are all impatient human beings. However, the only way to get your work to where you want it, is through editing.

4. ​Criticism Groups

All over the internet there are criticism groups dedicated specially to writers. Support groups, if you will. An entire forum set up to help writers succeed.

Cool, right?

So, whenever doubting your work in general, it is sometimes better to step back and have someone else lift their opinion. After all, people who are entirely split from your life will be honest, ruthless and tell you whatever first come to mind. It might hurt sometimes, yes, but trust me, having someone tell you they love your work will kick those doubts right out!

5. ​Write now, worry later

Heed my words, friend: You are in control.

Why worry, when you’ve got writing to do? Do you really want to waste precious time by doubting yourself, wondering if whether you should go on, when someone else might be writing your book?
Why not finish your masterpiece, and then unleash the beasts. Sometimes even the finest china needs the occasional polishing. Just like everything else in this world, you can’t judge something’s quality unless it is 100% finished and prepped.

Besides, only you can say what’s on your mind. Only you can carry over the message/ story pictured in your head. At times you might feel your work is different than everyone else’s, but HELLO! that alone is what makes you special!

Write now, worry later!

Well guys, this is me signing off. I must say, I loved writing this piece, because I know self-doubt is constantly rising from bellow. There are some days in which I simply want to toss my book aside, and never write again.

Also having been recently rejected myself, and having to embark on a brand new project, it was hard at first. It was triggering. But I can proudly tell you, I have finally moved on.
That’s it – the secret.

Thank you so much for supporting my blog! Oh, and one final hint for the road: READ! READ! READ!



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