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Happy Valen-ME-tine’s Day!

Here follows the story of a singleton *otherwise known as me* spending her Valentine’s Day:red-love-heart-valentines.jpg

Happy Independence Day! – Love Me

On the morning of Valentine’s Day, she wore red because of the love which bubbled in her heart.
I instead wore red because it was the only clean shirt in my closet . . .

Across campus she pranced with bouquets of flowers in her hands.
I instead was carrying a big bag of flour required for a creative writing exercise assigned by the Professor . . .

At lunch she ate with her Valentine.
I instead struggled with two broken coffee machines in the cafeteria. Now not even the red shirt was clean anymore . . .

In the afternoon, she rushed to her apartment in excitement for the romantic night to come.
I instead rushed to my apartment because I did not like appearing in public wearing a coffee-soiled shirt . . .

Immediately she began painting her fingernails and toes. An avocado mask proved best in refreshing her rosy skin.
I instead slipped on my workout gear. There was no way I’m missing leg day!

To the beat of music she carefully picked out an ensemble, thereafter sitting back to choose its accompanying shoes.
I instead was sweating it out on the rowing machine, intensely listening to pop songs and heavy workout music . . .

With her heart beating in her throat, she walked to her Valentine’s car.
I instead walked with my heart not beating at all following the workout I had just completed . . .

Later that evening, she read aloud her Valentine’s card.
I instead read our prescribed English novel, Frankenstein (romantic, I know), which needed to be finished by Friday . . .

By candlelight she sat in the dark, across from the one whom she dearly loves.
I instead sat by the light of my computer, across from an actor whom I dearly wish will one day love me . . .

Then her lips finally touched his, tenderly and with greatest passion.
Mine instead touched a cold silver spoon, hungrily gouging myself on deliciously freezing ice cream . . .

At the end of the evening, she dreamily bid him a due.
I instead was forced to stop the ongoing movie on account of an early class the next morning . . .

At last, she yawningly crept into bed, pondering blissfully on what a wonderful evening laid behind her.
I instead lay awake, worrying about the following day’s test . . .

‘So, how was you Valentine’s Day yesterday?’ she asked me while taking in our seats the next day.
‘What?’ I said, gasping. ‘It was Valentine’s day!? I had no idea!’


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! And to those of you who, like me, is single on this fine non-holiday celebration, do not feel alone! Please feel free to share this with anyone you think might find it funny or cute!

Until next time!







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