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The Leopard – Jo Nesbo


Everything you do leaves traces, doesn’t it. The life you’ve lived is written all over you. – Jo Nesbo

Do not get me wrong. I enjoy thrillers just as much as the next guy, however it has never really been my cup of tea. I bought this novel, The Leopard,  while under the false impression that  it was a sort of ‘Who Dunnit’.  (Even though the word ‘Thriller’ was written right there upon the cover!)


Nesbo’s The Leopard is vivid and colourful to say the least. Each of the death-scenes are so strikingly described that I needed to debate if whether I wanted to read on. (Which I eventually did, if this review did not make that clear!) Moreover, I would also not advise eating whilst reading this book. That is, unless you like to think about blood when chewing on that burger.

The Leopard is but one of numerous novels written by said author. The great thing is, that I needn’t have read the previous books to understand the greater of this story.
There are, however, several aspects which I needed to piece together, such as tragic events in the past, as well as references to prior cases. Nesbo does provide ample explanation in most of these cases, so do not fret.

The story is about detective Harry Hole returning to work after a brief breakdown in which he fled the country. Upon his return he learns of three women – none of whom knew each other – who have been murdered in several atrocious manners. Two were found drowned, and one hanging from a diving-board.
Meanwhile, Harry struggles with his own person addiction issues as well as hospitalised father. There are several spots in the novel in which we – the reader – glimpse a view from the killer’s perspective, which is also a refreshing take on innermost feelings and such.

If you are searching for a novel which delves deep into a character’s soul, this amazing thriller is definitely for you! I myself would much rather have enjoyed an Agatha Christie story, but everyone is entitled to their own personal opinions I suppose . . .

Nonetheless, the Daily Mirror had the following commentary:

Comparisons with Stieg Larsson have been made, but Nesbo’s plot moves quickly, carry more punch, and really keeps you guessing to the final page.

In conclusion, I was very surprised of how I felt about this thriller in the end. I will most likely read another of his books in the future, but that too is currently a lingering suggestion.

Happy reading!



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