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Cinder – Marissa Meyer

Broken isn’t the same as unfixable – Iko


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(Now, on to the post:)

In all honesty, it’s been a while since I reviewed another novel. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been getting busy reading (and writing, of course) all the time! In between exams I simply hadn’t the time to work on my blog – tragic, I know.

So, Cinder?

We’ve all heard the tale of Cinderella, right? Well, whether you liked it or not, this book is definitely the unexpected times ten!

​Set in a dystopian future, Meyer managed to morph cyborgs, magic and romance all in one single hardback!
I still can’t wrap my tiny head around it . . .
​In this particular story, Cinder – or, Cinderella – is an adopted cyborg girl who doesn’t remember anything about her past. She was supposedly in an accident, rendering her prey to scientists who turned her mechanical.
​After her adoptive father passed away from a raging plague of Lutimosis, she was signed under the guardianship of her wicked adoptive mother, Adri. And while said evil mother and her daughters spend all of Cinder’s hardworking money, her only friend in the world is a tin-can android, named Iko. (Now you might understand the quote better!)

​The story develops nicely whereas Cinder meets prince Kai, hired as the mechanic to fix his android. He doesn’t know she’s a cyborg, and she had no intent of telling him. Furthermore, her adoptive sister Peony gets sick, which Cinder felt responsible for. The raging plague has never been more hostile, rendering the Emperor dead as well.

As a result, the Earth’s mortal enemies, Luna – or the moon – sends their Queen Levana to marry young prince Kai, set to become Emperor now that his father had passed away. In the end, Cinder finds out horrible secrets about her past, while at the same time falling in love with the prince.

​I don’t want to give away too much about the story, as I actually want there to be some surprises left for you to read! Nonetheless, Marissa Meyer has a fantastic style of writing. One of my preferences is actually third-person writing, so if that’s what you’re into as well, fantastic!

Not only is Cinder a SUPER relatable character – being all things silly and adorably clumsy – but she is also extremely hard to understand. Her inner feelings are so raw and realistic, I was gutted when discovering the rest of the series to be written from other characters’ viewpoints.
I am glad, however, that the main story still revolves around Cinder.

A little Cinder is better than no Cinder I suppose!

​There are a grand total of five books in Meyer’s Lunar series, and I fully intend to read them all! The only problem is, I don’t know when . . . Oh, why does there have to be sooooo many good books?

There is simply not enough hours in each day!

​If any of you have read the rest of the series, please feel free and comment your reviews down below.
​I’d love to chat about this under-appreciated author together! And please share my site with your closest family and friends, heck, even with the guy on the bus!

Thank you so much for reading!




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