It’s a wonderful world . . .

Four brilliant websites to nail your characters’ accents:



​Let’s face it, choosing an accent for your characters might seem easier than it actually turns out to be.


Well, successfully ​following through on said accent can be TRICKY. If you’re not in daily contact with say either a German or Scott – considering you’re not one yourself – it might prove immensely difficult to grasp the right syllables and/or sounds.

​So, after having surfed the web for a while, I have gathered four spectacular websites with generators that do it all for you! *GASP* How amazing! Right?

This said, without any further a due, here we go:

1. German


This particular website is extremely funny, I must admit! Their entire resonant way of ​having decorated their page lingers somewhat toward the medieval type, but, what the heck?

You’re there for the language, not there to judge their font!

​ 2. French


​I really hope these links are active when I publish. It only dawned on me now that it might just be a meaningless form of scribbling!

Mmmm . . . if it doesn’t work you can probably just copy and paste the link.

3. Scottish


This famous accent we got to know and love primarily from good ol’ Hagrid in the Harry Potter series. Although I doubt J.K. Rowling used a generator for that!

I’m not that well acquainted with her background, however she might have a few Scottish relatives, maybe?

​4. Russian


This one I haven’t encountered as much. Thinking about it now, I imagine a sort of snowy backdrop and a group of huddled guys in a bar drinking vodka. That, together with a of joke about fishermen or the mob, you’d be set up with a solid idea for a thriller/drama!

​Anyhow, that’s the four!

I hope your accent-glands have been thoroughly stimulated! Though some of these websites might over exaggerate the accent a tad – say, on a scale of one to ten: 7/10 – you still have your trusty writer’s freedom to change it as you’d prefer.

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​ I promise I’m not a chainsaw-wielding maniac!!! 🙂


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