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Ten pictures of the most fantastical doors.

Sparking your creativity part 1:


Welcome to the newest thread on my blog: Sparking your creativity!

Over the course of I don’t know how many posts, I will be writing about anything and everything that will (hopefully) spark your creativity. It all started when I realised my addiction to Pinterest – aka the BEST PLACE ON EARTH TO WASTE PRECIOUS MINUTES WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER USED WRITING. Anyway, lately I have been looking at a surprising amount of doors.

Yes. Doors.

There is just something about the millions of different varieties made me long for a good ol’ whimsical fantasy. Personally, I think visual stimulation is the best kind for writers hoping to create a new world.

​So, without holding you up any further, here are ten of the doors which caught my eye the most:

1. Hobbit re-told

Door 1

Isn’t it magnificent? Look at the colour on that woodwork! *swoons* Okay. I’m not going to talk now.
We need to see the rest of these beauties!

2. The Barbie Dreamhouse

Door 2.jpg

Looking at this picture, I feel someone might actually just have taken a close-up photo of a doll house. I admit the picture might not the best quality, however what catapulted this door onto my list had been the sheer pristine-ness of it.

3. Dracula Castle

Door 4.jpg

I wouldn’t want to be girl-scout troop selling cookies on this doorstep.

4. The Back-entrance


Riddle me this: How does this door even work??? Is that shutters covering it? Beautiful vinery though.

5. The Old-meets-new


So far the is the only one with a doormat. Full stop.


6. The Lonely Cat Lady



Rich lonely cat lady, that is.

7. The English Cottage


Are your creative juices flowing yet?

8. The Chinese Canvas


It’s pretty, sure. A little mind boggling, definitely! Can someone back me up when I say I might miss the handle a couple of times?

9. The Indian Sanctuary


Someone needs to check their mail, I’m just saying . . .

10. The Autumn-fiasco


When the end of summer hits . . . I hope he/she owns a broom!

And that’s the final door!

Well, this is all from me for the first instalment of the ‘spark your creativity segment’! I loved watching (and judging) these, and I hope you did too. Of course there are tons of other doors still out there, however these were the few I wanted to share for today.

The gateway to one’s house is after all a representation of what is happening on the inside. May the creativity be with you when adding your own spin on each of these brilliant gateways!

​Bye for now!




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